Ariel went to the surface to watch it with her own eyes. There where rumors about a boat near to where her fathers kingdom was, and it was true. Her father  have beged her not to go there and she made a promise that she couldnt keep. It was rare that humans travel in that place so the last ones that she saw where five years ago. She wanted to see them to remember how she wish she could be like no mater how dangerous they could be like her father told her. Ariel went closser to the ship and she saw each detail with a lot of surprise and admiration like if she would never see it again in her life. She looked up to see the people that was in the ship. “They all look happy and good persons” she said while she moved around it and then someone caught her eye. Ariel couldnt stop seeing him, she was trying to capture all about him. His eyes, his face, lips, smile, voice, body and more things that for her were perfect. She ave never seen someone like him, someone that looks handsome but at the same time looks like a gentleman. Then for a moment, she scared because she saw his eyes looking at her, surprised. When she was going to hide herself she saw that from the direction that the man was looking at, a dog was coming to him.

"c’mon buddy! lets play you wont catch me this time"- then he started to run with the dog following his lead.

Ariel was smiling, he has never felt that feeling in her before. She felt how her heart started racing when she remembered him. She didnt know what that meant, but since that time, she started to spend all the day in the surface watching him and wishing that one day she couldbe part of his world.

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